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Jambliner Double Hung Window

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comes with keyed sash lock as standard, in a range of colours.
  • Available with boxed mullions for that traditional look.
  • Sashes can be removed from inside for easy painting or cleaning.
  • Optional flywire screen available.
  • Optional decorative horns.
  • Allows windows up to 1200mm wide to 1500mm high and 950mm wide over 1500 high.
  • The Heavy Duty Jambliner is available for those seeking double glazed windows (the standard Jambliner cannot be double-glazed).
  • Doric springs also avaliable.

Your ideas, our Solutions.

The Double Hung window is effectively a vertical sliding window and has been used in homes since the 19th century. Historically the most common has been the “weights and cords” Double Hung window, which used a set of counter weights hidden in the frame to offset the weight of the sash.

The Western Victoria Windows Jambliner Double Hung window offers a state of the art mechanism that not only makes opening and closing the window easy, it also allows you to completely remove the sashes from inside for easy painting and cleaning. This is not normally possible with traditional Double Hung windows.

The Jambliner Double Hung system also negates the need for containers to hold counter weights (called box mullions), this allows the maximum amount of glass in the frame, therefore more light. However if box mullions are required to match the look of your home we can apply empty box mullions to achieve this.

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