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Counterbalance Double Hung Window

Custom made period style windows to match your existing frames or create the traditional look for your new project.

Key Features & Benefit

  • Comes with a sash lock as standard in a range of colours.
  • Available with traditional style boxed mullions.
  • Modern profile timber combines traditional and contemporary lines.
  • Sizes available up to 1200mm wide x 2400mm high.
  • Optional flywire screen available.
  • Counter Balance avaliable using rope or stainless steel wire for enhanced performance.
  • Optional decorative horns.

Your ideas, our solutions.

The Double Hung window is effectively a vertical sliding window and has been used in homes since the 19th century. Historically the most common has been the “weights and cords” Double Hung window, which used a set of counter weights hidden in the frame to offset the weight of the sash.

The Western Victoria Windows Counterbalance Double Hung window offers a combination of the look of the weights and cords as well as a modern Counterbalance sash system. Modern technology with the essence of tradition in the one package.

The heart of this new Western Victoria Windows Double Hung system is the Counter Balance mechanism, which utilises the weight of one sash to counter the weight of the other. By sliding up the inner sash, the outer sash moves in the opposite direction. The Counter Balance Double Hung system negates the need for containers to hold the counter weights (called box mullions). This allows the maximum amount of glass in the frame, therefore more light.

The Counterbalance Double Hung window provides all the advantages of weights and cords without any of the disadvantages. As with most Western Victoria Windows products, our Counterbalance Double Hung windows can be fitted with standard, toughened or laminated glass and can even be glazed for low noise or double glazed for superior energy efficiency.

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